Village Emergency Telephone System

Ring VETS on 01934 442 911

Ring 999 first to call for an ambulance…

Worlebury Residents’ Association has introduced the Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) in Worlebury, North Somerset. The system complements the installation of the defibrillator, which is situated at Worlebury Golf Club.

The system is now live and there are volunteers who can be called to fetch the defibrillator. They will then deliver it to where it is required.

Ring 999 First

If you need help:

  • Ring 999 immediately to call for an ambulance
  • Ring VETS on 01934 442 911

Ring VETS on 01934 442 911

Always dial 999 first in any emergency! The scheme does not replace the ambulance service, but helps save lives once an ambulance has been called.

Supported by The Community HeartBeat Trust which is a national charity focused on provision of life saving defibrillation services to local communities.

The Community HeartBeat Trust

Worlebury Residents’ Association

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