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Practical Companions

Supporting the Worlebury Community…

Located in Bleadon, Weston-super-Mare, Practical Companions cover the area of North Somerset providing a service, mainly of companionship, to those who do not readily have anyone to call on. Through their site you can find out the kind of activities they offer and answers to any questions you may have about their service.

The elderly, more often than not, do not need care. What they need is companionship and this is what Practical Companions provide.

Social interaction is and always has been a very important part of daily living and the lack of it can quickly have a detrimental effect on many individuals.

It is a source of “national shame” that as many as 800,000 people in England are “chronically lonely” Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

Practical Companions is run by retired police Officer Steve Burrough who served the people of Somerset for over thirty years. He provides the following services:

  • Outings
  • Appointments
  • Shopping Trips
  • Home Visits
  • Running Errands
  • Advice
  • Events
  • Research

Character Reference

Steve Burrough is a very personable, utterly trustworthy and pleasant man. His own father is totally disabled and lives alone. Steve sees him most days and knows a lot about the problems, not only of living alone but also the problems of someone who is housebound.

I think that what he is offering is a very good service and would fill a gap in the market which is increasingly under pressure due to cuts in public spending.

I can recommend him without reservation for the type of service that he wants to offer.

David Shattock CBE OSt.J QPM LLD MA

Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset Constabulary 1989 – 1998

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  • Revd Patrice Sessions

    Excellent service and one which will fill an empty space around Bleadon Hill area, I am sure. But what about people like me who do not live alone but with a caring spouse who is quite decrepit himself! He would benefit from respite from me in some kind of activity despite his years and inclination to stay at home and guard he! Do you have any suggestions to offer.

    Also, he no longer drives long distances as he approaches 80, so hospital appointments at the Eye Hospital for me are a real problem. The ‘Flying Wheels’ service do not have sufficient drivers to meet the demand for Bristol appointment help at £25 a trip, and we are left to pay around £50 for a return taxi fare. Any thoughts here most welcome.

    Glad to learn of your new business and wish you well. Our daughter in law retires from the police in two weeks time after 30 years and wonders what to do with herself in darkest Berkshire. I must show her this site!


    • Revd Sessions. In answer to your question regarding Bristol Eye Hospital; I would accompany you to the hospital and stay with you throughout and then bring you home afterwards. It isn’t possible to give you a price as I don’t know how long your appointments last.
      I also do not know your circumstances, preferences or wishes. I wonder whether you would both wish to go up to the hospital and then perhaps go elsewhere afterwards – shopping, sightseeing trip to Bath etc.etc.
      Regarding your suggestion about your husbands’ respite activity again without knowing hobbies and interests it’s hard to say. But, if I read correctly between the lines, it sounds like he is the kind of gentleman would like to do something with you, but, with someone else doing the driving and the fetching and carrying?
      The Contact Us section on my website offers a few options where we could discuss this further if you so wish. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards.

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